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Magical Alpine TreasureApr 24, 09
Called "Europe in Miniature," Slovenia has it all. The stunning Julian Alps offer a slice of Switzerland, romantic lake Bled with its fairytale castle rising from its center embodies the romance of medieval Europe and tales of knights and chivalry, its small but lovely sliver of coast along the Adriatic is reminiscent of spectacular coastlines in Italy, and its capital of Ljubljana - with it stunning architecture and crown of towering mountains - embodies the best of historical European cities. [Full Story]

Friendly PersuasionAug 18, 08
As the oldest capital in Northern Europe, Tallinn has a long heritage of hosting tourists and for good reason. Although compact in size, Estonia offers a wealth of scenic diversity, architecture and opportunity for activities combined with a friendliness that is infectious. The warm smiles of the people, combined with a feeling of safety was a wonderful and welcome surprise from the normal hassles of travel. [Full Story]

Life on the NileJun 24, 08
If there is one place on earth that seems to belong to everyone, it is Egypt. Mystical, magical and eternal, Egypt is a part of the world's collective conscience. Ask anyone about Egypt and they seem to 'know' this place, even if they have never been there. Like most visitors, I arrived with memories - combinations of school studies, stories from friends, novels and old movies - of a land that I had never seen and expectations from a country and its people of a place that previously existed only in some vague dreams. What I found was an intriguing combination of expectations and surprises. Egypt is both modern and ancient; relaxed and exciting; crowded and quiet; vibrant and subdued; subtle and outgoing. To read "Life on the Nile" by Jim Thompson with photos by Ryker Lomas" click here. [Full Story]

Something for Everyone at Myrtle Beach, S.C.Aug 13, 04
Beach lovers looking for A place to relax as summer winds down may want to check out Myrtle Beach, S.C. My wife, Patrice, and I recently took our 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son and nephew to Myrtle Beach to find out what makes that city among the most popular beach destinations in the country. [Full Story]

From There to HereMay 17, 04
"No more than 600 words, please." So a friend requested for her writers' circle newsletter (in England) plus the suggestion that I tell readers about an English writer (me) moving to the States. Having done that I realized that y'all might be interested and like a giggle! [Full Story]

From Ballroom to BalconyApr 21, 04
Queen Victoria may be famous for the phrase "We are not amused", but the same cannot be said of her great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II. British comedian Sir Norman Wisdom not only made the Queen smile, he made her laugh when, after his investiture at Buckingham Palace, he stepped back, bowed, turned and as he was walking away made one of his famous "trips". The Queen laughed as can be seen on a video shown in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace. [Full Story]

Croatia: Open for BusinessMar 20, 04
Jim Thompson
It is a place of dreams; a walled city nestled against rocky cliffs that kisses the Adriatic sea and beckons vistors with a romantic charm. Sipping coffee on 'Stari Grand,' the main square in the old town, its hard to believe that only a few years ago this quaint, romantic spot was the scene of shelling and destruction. [Full Story]

Beautiful BirminghamJul 16, 03
When many people worldwide think of Birmingham, Alabama, images of police dogs attacking black civil rights marchers in the 1960s come to mind. Birmingham tourism and city officials are trying to counter that negative perception by riding the coattails of its newest most famous city native, "American Idol" winner and singing sensation Ruben Studdard. [Full Story]

Dreams of AfricaMay 13, 02
AFRICA. The very name conjures images of exotic wildlife, and mysterious destinations like Zanzibar, Nairobi, the Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater. It's a place of dreams where time is suspended; a place where the past stands in contrast and defiance with the modern world. Like an ancient talisman, Africa beckons the traveler with a tantalizing blend of mystery, discovery and adventure. [Full Story]

Discovering Yosemite in WinterMar 07, 02
Seeing this magnificent valley for the first time is an unforgettable experience. As I enter the park, the noble granite facade of El Capitan soars above to one side, princely Bridalveil Falls roars on the other and majestic Half Dome, clad in winter's ermine cloak, shines in the distance. [Full Story]

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